Friday, May 21, 2010

Long Time No Blog.....

WHY? Because my life has been absolute chaos. Not even joking, it has been a total nightmare...but in a good way. I am a drama queen, I know. I will write more soon, now that soccer season is over, I will have time to breathe.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I got Junk...

So last night I was on a cleaning frenzy, and when I have these "episodes" I throw random shit away. Like things I may need one day, but when I do this I am not thinking rationally. When I have reached this point, there is no talking sense into me. So, I threw out perfectly good clothes, shoes, socks, linens and even one of David's uniforms (I know, I know). I felt cluttered people! My laundry room was a disaster and ridding my house of the extra crap gave me peace. I slept in peace last night. We moved into this house 2 and a half months ago and there are still boxes in my closet.

Bleh. I just want less stuff, I want simple.
I need to De-Junk.

Long Time No Blog....

Ok people I am trying this again. I have been in the biggest funk ever, I'm not sure why? Maybe blogging will make me feel better? We shall see...and even if it doesn't? I like to write, so it's ok.